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   Coming to be called SKywatchers


        It is often asked how the Skywatchers came to be called Skywatchers...
          It was a time long ago, before the Europeans started to travel to the Americas. In a small village somewhere, a Skywatcher tribal member was observing the sky, perhaps recording the position of some celestial object, or the time of the day, or perhaps just focusing his thoughts. For him it was a normal part of tribal tradition. To the members of the village, it was odd.
            For generations, the village had benefited from Skywatcher traditions. Life with in the village had improved and became easier on the villagers. Yet, the younger members of the village still considered the Skywatcher odd...
            One day, the Skywatcher was again observing the sky, at a place away from the village. A young villager had followed the Skywatcher and watched him. The Skywatcher waited for the young villager to ask, but the question never came. Instead, the young villager returned to the village claiming that "he was sky watching". It became the village joke and the elders did nothing.
            When the Skywatcher returned to the village, with his notes and artwork, he was greeted by numerous young people who referred to him as 'Skywatcher'. They said it with sarcasm and laughed openly. The Skywatcher gave a customary nod and smiled, continuing to his dwelling place. He carried on with his duties to his traditions, tribe and the village.
            Over time, the name Skywatcher was adapted by the Tribal Council during one of the fourth year gatherings and it remained the name of the tribe ever since.
            That is how the Skywatchers got their name.

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