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Reservation & Nature Preserve Project

  The Skywatcher Clan's ultimate goal is to raise the funds needed to acquire lands on which the tribe can rebuild its Nation, preserve natural resources for future generations, and share knowledge and wisdom through a variety of activities and festivals.

By June 2006, the Skywatcher Tribe had lost the race to acquire the very heart and most sacred portion of the ancestral tribal lands near Apopka. A section of land, right next to the remains of the pyramid mound, was cleared and a house was constructed. The area was abandoned.

BELLEVIEW, a small town south of Ocala, is the area that has been selected for the new home of the tribe. Development is kept away due to the many caves and caverns in the area.

Earlier caving trips resulted in the discovery of two confirmed Earth Energy Field emissions although the location is a few miles further away from the nearest major energy line, but still within range of both the Eastern and Western lines.

Native Americans Indians (Seminoles and Timicuan) once inhabited some of the caves. One, whose ruins can be seen to the left of center, had a subterranean spring the natives used to visit. The cave was ripped up for its limestone to construct roads. Two other caves were also destroyed for the same reasons. The area is on the 'trade' and journey route of the Skywatchers as they made their historic journeys and there is a high probability that a sacred site exists on a number of parcels.

On July 20, 2009, after years of searching and a few offer rejections, the Skywatcher Clan purchased the first parcel of land near the cave ruins. The parcel is .65 acres and has two confirmed cave entrances on it. Ten cave entrances in the immediate area were discovered. The site is mostly wooded with only four homes. There are surrounding ranches, one for sale at nearly 5 acres would make a perfect place for the village, festival grounds and parking area. There are 101 additional parcels to purchase in order to  have enough land for the new Skywatcher Nation.

Please help the Skywatcher Clan to survive, grow and share its knowledge making a tax deductible financial donation. With out donations, a great yet barely noticed piece of history will disappear forever. Funds can be transferred electronically via Paypal, PayPay, Moneybookers and Epassporte.

NON PROFIT EIN: 59-3735188

Florida Division of Consumer Affairs no.: CH12099

Use the contact link below for additional information.


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