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01 a.d.- Skywatchers visit the Nazca people of Peru, South America and give the information of pyramids, agriculture and astronomy. Over the next few centuries, the Nazca produce large, astronomically and geologically aligned lines, geometric shapes and figures on a desert plateau. One, which is rarely showed to the public, is that of a dragon. A large figure apparently wearing a helmet, is carved onto the side of a mountain, it is nearly exact to pictograph found in Southern California which would be produced by the native tribes there 1,800 years later. A number of these lines pointed directly to otherwise hidden springs and other geological formations. Nazca pyramids were purposely buried, and still are to this day, to protect their fragile adobe bricks from decaying.

    In the Aegean Sea area, an advanced, geared astronomical computation 'computer' is assembled and used. The geared instrument would be found in the late 1960s.

472 a.d.- The Mochica tribe of Peru produce spout jugs in the likeness of a group of visitors who were supposedly from Atlantis as well as 'gods' and animals. The figurines clearly show the various headdress  as well as there being representatives of all ethnic types of  humans (confirming a Skywatcher myth). (Photos from the documentary; "In Search off: Ancient Aviators")

Fantastically detailed carvings show dragons assisting people, allowing humans to ride them and some association with great, metallic birds (sky craft). These carvings were placed in the Lima Museum of Aeronautics in the 1970s but no comment is made about what the carvings clearly show. It is assumed that because of the renderings made of the people and the dragons that there was an lengthy encounter with the Skywatchers and their dragon companions. Other carvings of this type clearly and accurately describe humans associating with various dinosaurs which is something the natives should have known nothing about is modern historians' views of history were correct.

501 a.d.- What may have been a dissatisfied Skywatcher, descendant or an Outsider who was refused tribal membership makes slight changes to the ancient Skywatcher laws and starts the DRUIDS in Ireland. Other religions and cults would derive from this. The first Druids knew of the Earth energy grid and how to manipulate that energy. They quickly laid claim to all major monolithic structures erected on the Earth energy springs in the British Isles.

600 a.d.- Skywatchers encounter and influence the pre Inca people of South America and at roughly the same period in time, encounter and influence the Natchez and Chitmacha tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley in the Southeast United States. Pyramid construction as well as the same sciences and arts were taught. Strangely enough, all had similar if not exact stories of the visitors ( a male and a female) that had brought the knowledge which resulted in a sun worship that was nearly exact between the Inca and the Chitmacha (the Inca were in South America, the Chitmacha were thousands of miles to the north in the United States). The Chitmacha would later report to the Skywatcher inquiry (early 2000) that there was no mention of dragons, but did not deny the rest of the story.

700 a.d.- Skywatchers accompanying Aztec traders encounter the Anasazi with results that change the Anasazi way of life, in the American Southwest. The Anasazi would then build massive structures that are perfectly aligned with solar and lunar events. Artifacts found included a figurine of the Aztec version of Kukulcan (known as Quetzlcoatl).
    A Skywatcher/ Cherokee descendant, a female, is mistaken for a witch by her own offspring after they witness a strange, agricultural technique to produce corn. This resulted in one of the Eastern Cherokee's myths.

850 a.d.- Skywatcher influence, and a strong distortion of the magnetic field by an EEF, have an advanced culture build the Cahokia Mounds (in Illinois). Just a few miles to the north along the Mississippi is an ancient rock painting of a dragon (called the Piasaw (Dragon) by the Native American guide who explained the huge painting to an early French explorer as they came around the river bend), providing additional evidence to the Skywatcher presence. (Image from the documentary; "Incredible but True: Dragons")

976 a.d.- Wooden carvings of a Skywatcher and a dragon are produced from now extinct trees on Easter Island. It is believed at this time the Skywatcher and dragon had taught the techniques of moving large rock formations which began some 25 years later as the 'Mowai or great heads of Easter Island' were began and moved from their volcanic quarry to the shores of the island. Various legends state the huge figures represent the Annunaki.

981 a.d.- The Skywatchers teach or influence pyramid mound building to the Cahokia tribe in Missouri (United States).

1000 a.d..- Skywatchers arrive at Sican, Peru, arriving by boat and teach or 'reteach' or influence the construction of pyramids and agricultural canals. Descendants of the Skywatchers may have become the 'royalty' and eventually abused the people who would later torch the pyramids after driving out and killing those in charge.

1010 a.d.- The Anasazi fall and become the Pueblo Indians. Although an exact reference date is difficult to establish, legends from the Pueblo Hopi clearly tell of a specific Skywatcher who guided their people into their present land and the later encounters. The initial guide, named Kokopilao, is also described as coming ashore from a sinking island in the Pacific and guiding the people indicating a date of 10,000 B.C..

1300-1400? a.d.- The Sioux Indians of the Great Plains of the United States, encounter a female Skywatcher who is apparently a mixed blood descendant who brings a gift and instructions to the tribe after encountering two warriors. One is killed by a high voltage, high frequency discharge after attempting to grab the female ( indication of technology commonly used by Skywatchers through out history for generating power). This results in the Sioux legend of the 'White Buffalo Calf Woman'. It also is the first known record of a Skywatcher defending themselves with deadly force. This appears to link with with the Skywatchers of the Wallula region of Washington who were believed to have been the 'tribe from the West' from which the visitor had come.

1700 a.d.- Skywatcher descendants and the Timuaca Indians are forcibly removed from the Rock Springs area of Florida by armies and eventually killed.
    The remaining Skywatchers who still access the ancient archives and follow the Skywatcher ways begin gathering in the Northeastern United States. There are scattered Skywatchers is the western regions.

1900 a.d.- An unknighted Skywatcher from Latvia named Ed Leedskainin uses the ancient techniques of the Skywatchers to erect Coral Castle in South Florida, along the western boundary of the Atlantis Earth energy node.

1927 a.d.- One of the last? of the recognized Skywatchers born to a Native American tribe is knighted by his elder Skywatcher, believed to have taken place around or on the present day Poosepatuck Indian Reservation on Long Island, New York. Based upon information he reveals, the elder learned the tribal history and became active it what remained of the Skywatcher Tribe traveling to a selected place every four years as the ancients had done for over 12,000 years. (Painted here as he was remembered by AraChiya as he appeared in 1973).

   Doctor Howard A. Kelly donates the area of Rock Springs (Kelly Park) (one of the first of the Skywatcher sacred grounds) to Orange County, Florida. This image was taken around 1990 after the County had added the eyesore monstrosity known as the deck. The County had ignored repeated complaints that modifications with in 100 feet of the spring head was a violation of Dr. Kelly's terms. In 2001, the Parks Department finally removed the deck and restored the area to as close to its original condition as possible.

1970 a.d.- A diver, Dr. Ray Brown, searches for sunken Spanish Gallons and treasure but finds one of the primary submerged cities, pyramids and technology of Atlantis. He recovered a number of devices including a crystal sphere containing smaller pyramids that produces an energy field that deflects metallic objects upward. The story was supposedly published in all major newspapers and appears now in a documentary called; IN SEARCH OF: BIMINI WALL (Image is a recreation of the quartz crystal amplifier,  which Dr. Brown had removed from the submerged pyramid,  photographed from the documentary; "In Search of: Bimini Wall").

1972 a.d.- Skywatcher ( and present Chief) AraChiya is recognized by the Poosepatuck Skywatcher and granted an advanced "knighting" with hopes of one day assuming the burden of the tribe's continued existence. The elder teaches the young AraChiya the history of the Skywatchers as well as a number of Native American customs.

1989 a.d.- AraChiya is drawn to the Earth energy spring at Rock Springs as the ancestors were and begins to develop a relationship with Orange County since the sacred grounds are within a County park.

1999 a.d.- Orange County Park Supervisor; Fred Wilson,  censors AraChiya's editorial protest concerning visitors using the pristine waters as a place to relieve themselves, in a newsletter AraChiya owns the copyright to. The dispute between the County and AraChiya escalates but ultimately, Orange County administrators do nothing but allow the violation of rights and avoid responsibility. Federal Courts also refuse to hear the case, thus refusing to uphold the copyrights and civil rights laws of the United States. The park supervisor was ultimately replaced as was many of those who made up the Parks Department management, but no apology or compensation was offered by the County.

    Near the end of the year, AraChiya after seeking confirmation on the Skywatcher history and analyzing the words of the Elder, accepts the status of Chief and intensifies the search for other descendants.

2000 a.d.-
March 2000-
    On the Skywatcher New Year (12,028)/ Spring Equinox, Oucheekanoh (StarChaser) and Cthulhu are officially recognized and knighted, becoming the first Skywatchers to be brought into the tribe in 23 years and also become members of the Tribal Council. The ceremony was brief and conducted at Rock Springs.
    At the end of the year, AraChiya- with the approval of the existing Council- the Skywatcher Clan is registered with the state of Florida to solicit for funds to establish the Skywatcher reservation.

    During the Fall Equinox, ChiyaPehee (DragonSpirit) is knighted, the first over the internet, and made a member of the Tribal Council.

2001 a.d.-
March 2001-
    On the New Year / Spring Equinox (12,029), IncanChiya (IncanDragon) is the youngest to be recognized and knighted to the tribe and Tribal Council.

    Despite registering with the Florida Department of Consumer Services to solicit for contributions, the Skywatcher Clan is refused grants, donations and participation in local events.

2002 a.d.-
February 2002-
    The Skywatcher Clan attends its first festival, selling arts, crafts and paintings, at the Apopka Old Fashioned Country Fair, in an attempt to raise awareness and funds. Bad weather ruins the first day and not much artwork sells.
    The following day, artwork is brought down to the Central Florida Fair, where again very little sells.

March 2002-
    The Skywatcher Clan's application for a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Publicly Supported Organization is accepted by the Department of the Treasury.

    Skywatcher new year (12,030)/ Spring Equinox  Andromeda becomes the sixth member of the Tribal Council.

May 2002-
    The first application for a grant is turned down from the limited resource; Cottonwood Foundation.

June 2002-
    The first monetary donation is made specifically to pay for a permit with Orange County Public Works to allow the tribe's archaeological work to begin at a parcel containing three ancient sinkholes and center piece of the hoped for reservation lands.

    On the Summer Solstice (12,030), Danesga becomes the 7th member of the Skywatcher Tribal Council. A survey trip was planned to the sinkhole parcel after festivities at the sacred grounds of Rock Springs. For the first time, weather has not ruined plans for the seasonal festivities.
Afterwards, AraChiya and Cthulhu proceed to the parcel that is hoped to be the reservation center piece and begin a mapping survey. Debris from the County's clearing of some trees made the measuring wheel impractical to use. An Earth energy field may have been detected in the area and a magnetometer survey is planned. The actual archaeological dig is scheduled for August. (photo- Cthulhu stands at the bottom of the deepest of the sinkholes while AraChiya takes the photograph from the rim, 25 feet above)

    The Hewlett Foundation becomes the second to turn down an application for a grant.

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