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In the Beginning


      It is said that long ago the tribes of the Man had come from another place, that the tribes of Man were brought from the misty world to the blue world to begin life a new... that the beings of this astral plane desired to exist to experience sensations long lost to them. But, they saw that as they were, they could not exist on the new world, in the realm of the material plane.
        They encased their astral selves into beings of tall height and fair skin, of blue eyes and blonde hair and in these shells would they exists for 800 lifetimes. They were called the Nefilim, Elohim and the Annunaki.

        Upon the first world did the Annunaki build their great structures and monuments and from them did they look out in to the material plane, at a world closer to the yellow star whose new life drew their curiosity and sport. As beings of a material plane, did the Annunaki become as such... great in arrogance and ignorance and did they in their selfishness cause a great disaster that forced their exodus to the second blue world leaving the first world to freeze, it's oceans to turn to ice, it's fertile lands to become barren, and it's air to turn thin and like that of poison.
    Upon the second blue world the Annunaki stepped and this time they were greated by defenders of the blue world. Creatures great in power and intelligence who had sowrn themselves to watch over mankind. Man called them Dragons. The Annunaki did battle with the dragons to gain their foot hold upon the blue world, almost being defeated before one warrior's final, despirate attack, killed the dragon; Tiamat and the Annunaki made their foot hold onto the world. The Annunaki separated to form five great settlements to begin their second age in the material plane. Upon this blue world did the Annunaki live in peace with themselves, but were constantly under attack by the dragons who were trying to force them to leave the world.
    It is said that as the Annunaki became the tribes of Man by their own desire and will, that they changed their physical being to create a lesser being to perform the tasks the Annunaki thought now beneath them...
    The lessors were given what the Annunaki wanted them to have, what was needed to survive in the various places on the blue world. So intrigued with the lessors females did the Annunaki soldiers become that they would take the females to mate with and unto them were born children.
        The Annunaki had built five great settlements around the world, on which did their great cities of exotic design and material be built by the labors of the tribes of Man and did the man fear for their own continued existence when ever the Annunaki demonstrate their power over nature with no cares or concerns over what may be destroyed or unleashed. But the tribes of Man were afraid, and concerned, that their masters arrogance with such great power may destroy them and that their masters would simply breed more with out any other concerns. Man was learning the ways of the Annunaki and rejecting the great dragons who continously tried to free them from the Annunaki enslavment.
        And one day it had happened, the Annunaki had pressed their carelessness and unleashed power they could not master and did it sweep across the land, destroying what the Annunaki had built. Their power was gone and their civilizations nearly whipped clean off the blue world. The thought had only made the Annunaki more determined to conquer these forces and they started again, rebuilding and again taking the tribes of Man as labor.
        The Annunaki had realized that their numbers were dwindling... that their own creations were outnumbering them, but even this would not stop them from their selfish pursuits. Again, the Annunaki were masters of great power, controlled and directed by great devices of crystal.
The tribes of Man were learning from their masters how to use the Annunaki devices encouraged by the dragons to be equals to their masters, their great weapons, their fantastic flying craft and they came to understand that the Annunaki were about to make another arrogant mistake and in an attempt to gain the most power from a tower of crystal did the second catastrophe take place and this time, the Annunaki would not recover. So well did the Annunaki breed and teach their creations, that the tribes of Man had become dominant and easily adaptable. From the ruins, did the tribes of Man emerge in superior numbers and strength and the Annunaki were forced from the settlement which by now was separated from the rest of the land by the rising sea.
        Enough had survived, and the tribes of Man, knowing how to use the devices, set out to build their own settlement where once the one country of the Annunaki once sat. But, the tribes did not realize that they were the children of the Annunaki and they possessed the great arrogance and short-sightedness of their creators, and fight among themselves they did over ruler ship, over power, over the mere colors of their skin.
        The dragons came before the tribes of Man to stop the wars and offer their teachings. With great resistance did the a few tribes of Man agree to be taught and learn the ways of the dragon, the ways of wisdom and peace and for a thousand years did the tribes of Man at the settlement of Azalon and Heva prosper in peace and harmony.
  Every form of life shared the land, with no fear of danger from Man, and Man was in no danger from them. The tribes of Man developed a High Council, composed of each of the six kinds of Man and the best of those to govern with the learned wisdom of the dragons.
        Their great ocean vessels and flying craft traveled the world and established trade with the other settlements and colonies... it was learned how to control the very air and land, and revitalize the life-force and body... and over the many years did this prosperity bring about the inherited selfishness within many of the people. Arrogance was growing again and in defiance of the dragon wisdom.
        The dragons warned the High Council of an impending disaster that would end Azalon and Heva for all time. The Council was not immune from the growing arrogance, but did realize that there was no way to stop the growing ego among the tribes. Those who wanted peace and still lived by the wisdom of the dragon teachings were gathered at the citadel on the northwest coast and here, these people were made into one tribe and infused with the archives of Azalon and their own abilities of mind enhanced. They were given their directive to go out into the world and live among the other tribes of Man to ensure their survival and never to repeat the mistakes that have lead to these disasters.
        The new tribe, and the dragons, left the land in all directions only to learn that the final catastrophe had sent the once utopia to the bottom of the sea leaving only the highest points of land still showing above the waves...
    ...And over the many millenniums that have come and gone, the dragons continued their battle with the Annunaki and their slaves, eventually fading from the world, but the tribe they left behind had continued the journies and the teachings until the men, who still bore the arrogance of the Annunaki, came to that side of the planet and begin their conquest of the new land and of the peoples inhabiting it ... and that is yet another story....

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